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twitter at cybercommCyberComm has hundreds of Twitter accounts that help our clients
gain more exposure using the TwitterVerse to get their information about
their products and services in front of potential customers.
It doesn’t make sense to spend time and money marketing your business only to get it in front of people that don’t live in the area where your business is located. If properly managed using hash tags, images, and content within the 120 character limit, Twitter can be a very useful and efficient tool to help people learn about your business.

Our Twitter accounts can be divided in two categories; local markets and individual industries. From @AbileneAreaNews, @PBCountyNews, and @WilmingtonNCBiz, to @WeFixDings  & @WeRentMailboxes, between the areas and industries we can help most businesses when it comes to having a Twitter account in their area or industry.

Most of the business owners we talk to don’t have the time or the money to deal with  all the social media channels available to them. That’s even if they knew how!! It used to be all they could do to take care of their website. Now for businesses to use the net effectively, they have to actually participate, and there just isn’t enough time. THEY GOTTA MAKE A LIVING!!

We do want you to know that we are not as concerned with who is following us or even how many as far as that goes. You see, we place our Twitter accts on the local web pages in our directories. So if someone is on the Dallas page of WeFixLeather.com, you will see the embedded Twitter feed on the right of the page. We could be tweeting about a business that repairs door dings, or someone that does paint scratch repair. So even if they’re looking for leather upholstery repair, they’ll see other services offered by our clients in the DFW area. Our Twitter accounts actually are like billboards. We don’t have to followers in order for them to be seen. 

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